MS temp whiners

Oh, boo fricking hoo. Get a load of the Microsoft temp whiners and the hooey they produce.

Best quote so far: "Plus, the use of temps also helps the stock value. When layoffs occur, stock prices go down." Really? I thought the stock price went UP because less temps = less bottom line = more profits.

Fair disclosure: I worked as a temp at Microsoft for almost 2 years, and belong to the class (one of the faceless thousands) for the MS permatemp class action lawsuit.

During that time, we had plenty of "team-building" events and things that temps were invited to. There were also at least a few things we weren't (Kingdome annual company meeting anyone?). I didn't care then, and I don't now. Actually, I used to actively hate MS - now, why bother? It's a large corporation built by a rich lawyer's child who dropped out of college, has been sued multiple times on multiple continents for legitimate violations, and has not repented or changed its ways. MS will never change.

Which is why I program in Python and am learning how to use Linux. Life is too short to pay more money for crap from MS.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Wed 09 April 2003. Tags: commentary, employment, technology