Comedy, drama and stupidity at 30,000 feet

Can't believe I forgot to write this down! Our flight from Singapore through Tokyo's Narita airport to Seattle on United Airlines was a little eventful. The Narita-Seatac leg, 11+ hours, had comedy, drama, and stupidity.

First was not one but two warnings on the loudspeaker for people to quit smoking in the lavatories. The 2nd address ended with something like "we know who you are." That was the stupidity.

The drama was the woman sitting behind me. I heard her wheezing while she slept - except she was actually unconscious. When I woke up, she had been given oxygen and was monitored by a fellow passenger who was a doctor. Apparently that wheezing wasn't her version of snoring!

Finally, and I admit I still giggle over this, one of the flight attendants power-walked up the corridor - and smacked right into another one (the "don't smoke" announcer) as she came out of the lavatory section. I heard them later while standing in line for US Customs - the smackee was starting to develope quite a shiner. Ouch!

And of course, that leaves us with the US Immigration (gee, thanks for the single agent for US citizens!), Customs (no meat products at all - doesn't matter how they're packed), and the TSA (I got the whole 9 yards of wanding, including shoes - love them Rockports).

Oh well.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Sun 06 April 2003. Tags: commentary, singapore