Spam, spam, spam, spam

Going through my spam folder on NetAddress, just in case something got slapped in there. Found a "business opportunity" spam, nicely done, with this disclaimer section at the bottom.

"This unsolicited e-mail is for information purposes only, following a request for removal. It is sent in accordance with the Information Exchange Promotion Protection and Privacy Act sect. 50, marked as "Advertisement" and containing a valid remove instruction below.

E-mail based commercial communication avoids unnecessary spending on catalogues and paper, and helps to preserve valuable natural resources such as forests and oil. We do not wish to share our valuable information about broadband business with those who are not interested; only with those who want to participate in our projects.

Should you not wish to receive information from us in the future, please click remove to be properly removed.. Even though our database cleansing might be subject to delay or error, we will remove your e-mail address permanently from our database."

Aren't they sweet? They want to protect the trees! How nice. Really, now, how many spammers are that considerate that they will clog your e-mail account and waste your time for a good reason? Not many, I bet!

Sarcasm off.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Sun 30 March 2003. Tags: complaint, technology, web