The sound of celebrity pieholes snapping shut

Well, whaddaya know. The United Way sticks it to Susan Sarandon in Florida.

Now, if I can only remember whether the United Way quit supporting the Boy Scouts of America after they banned gays (which I support - dropping the BSA, that is). I'll see if I can dig that up...

The best part? The very reasonable quote from Louis A. Spiegel III: "She has her right to say what she wants to say today and whenever she wants to, but I have the right to do her financial damage by not attending her movies or attending anything associated with her."

How many street-blocking protesters allow you to express your opinion if it doesn't completely match theirs?

P.S. - BSA, that is a most annoying website. Try animated PNGs instead of refreshing the page every few seconds.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Thu 27 March 2003. Tags: commentary, follow-up, news, politics