"The Blankenhorn Effect"

Almost finished reading Dana Blankenhorn's "The Blankenhorn Effect." Great reading - gives you an excellent overview of what Moore's Law brings and the dynamicism of the changes it creates.

I was about to write "scope" but that's competely south of his thesis - you cannot know what changes will come. Are coming.

And in Chapter 10, he makes the following point. "Patents deliberately slow change and raise costs to consumers."


And, of course, there's more.

"Why is it that most of the innovations I've written about in this book come from one nation - the United States of America?

Money helps, education helps, resources help. But they don't explain it all.

A lot of the answer, in my view, comes down to personal liberty. When people aren't afraid to speak their minds you never know what will come out.

Sometimes you'll get hate, sometimes you'll get art, sometimes you'll get science and sometimes business ideas."

Just either download it (you can ask him, or heck I can forward it to you! He says it's OK!), or buy it.

Scratch that. Just read it. However you can get it, read it.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Thu 27 March 2003. Tags: commentary, technology, web