Bookmark categorization

I'm tired of trying to hierarchically categorize my bookmarks. Massive pain in the butt (I would say patookis, but I'm sure I'm misspelling it). So, I came up with a system.

  • Make whatever categories I want (just a list: weblog, programming, Python)
  • Assign any number of categories to a bookmark
  • Make a filtering engine so I can say "show me all weblog and Python bookmarks"
  • View, select, and surf!
  • Rinse and repeat
  • Pete and Repeat are walking in a forest...

Of course, I'm doing this in Python. Partly because - well, you know, truly the parts are greater than the sum. I think. I'm just thinking this is a cool idea, and w/ Python I can run this cool idea on any OS - including the vaunted Zaurus that I've been slobbering over. But I may have to execute this bad boy in (gasp!) Javascript. Because I want my own webpage to have my own set of links that I view, so that I don't have to synchronize my work and home lists, and then not have either in a loud cybercafe where I'm surfing and everyone around me is dying with a grin on their face (I'll explain later).

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Sun 23 March 2003. Tags: programming, python