Let's get an action movie and a comedy...

So I says to myself, "Hey, let's get an action movie and a comedy," that's what I says to myself. So I gets XXX and The Good Girl, that's what I gets. What the hell was I thinkings?

I almost fell asleep during both. I didn't even finish The Good Girl, because the critics must have enjoyed it (NY Times & Rolling Stone had the positive quotes on the box) purely for listening to the mumbled Texan accents. And I don't really find lying, adultery, and drug-induced stupors a major hoot. Maybe I don't watch enough Adam Sandler films?

And to the squirt who rented XXX before me, may I recommend learning proper DVD handling. You do NOT slap it down on the plate that just held Oreo cookies and rub it around as hard as you can! Scratches, scars, and a couple black specks that I had to flick off. And yes, it skipped so bad I had to get a new one. Luckily Hollywood Video's service has improved noticeably - or it was just the Bellevue store manager trying to make quota.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Wed 05 March 2003. Tags: commentary