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US Bank

Review posted: 2002-06-19

Location: Seattle, WA, USA

Absolutely insecure and inept bank

I had an account with US Bank, mainly for their enlightened support of Quicken's automatic check register download.

Since I tracked all my accounts on my computer, I didn't even bother looking at the paper statements. One day I realize that I haven't received my paper statements in months.

I call them up, they say my account's address has been changed to somewhere else!
I ask to change it back, they do. I ask for the changed address, they provide it to me.
I ask to put security on my account, they can't do that.

Oh, they can put a password on the account. But if someone knows my Social Security number, they can override all the security.

I close the account.

Later, I did some checking. That new address on my account? The previous tenants of my apartment, who had received a loan from US Bank. Apparently US Bank made a mess of their loan application, and one of the side effects was that US Bank CHANGED THE INFORMATION ON MY ACCOUNT because my CURRENT address was the same as their OLD address!
What the ???

2003-03-11: Apparently I'm not the only customer US Bank failed to retain...see US BANK FIVE STAR SCREWED for how they treat their customers, employees, and business partners.

author: Andrew Ittner
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