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Review posted: 2004-03-01

Trade With Pizza Driver is a stock trading service I first found through Yahoo Groups. They do swing trading, both long and short, and from when I first became aware of them had a fantastic trading record. Far higher than the market average, and with a good risk profile (no 100% losses).

I signed up for their service on a Saturday, received my login and password almost immediately, and perused their site and message board. The following Monday I received quite a shock: they cancelled my account.

The entire e-mail's text:

Dear Andrew,

After further review of you [sic] account, we regret to inform you that we cannot accept your subscription order at this time, your subscription fee has been refunded.

Thank you,

TWPD Admininstration [sic]

I sent an e-mail to them and to 2CheckOut, their credit card billing provider, asking for an explanation.

2CO replied within one day, said my credit card was valid and the vendor (TWPD) had cancelled my order. TWPD didn't reply at all.

A week after TWPD cancelled my order, they sent another message that simply stated my account was cancelled and my money refunded. 2CO responded to my second question (a lot more promptly than TWPD) and told me that yes, as I had suspected, my subscription had been flagged as a possible fraudulent transaction.

When I entered the order, I might have put the wrong CV2 code in. Or 2CO might have flagged it because my credit card was brand new, since some buttmunch had stolen it to order some hosting from Yahoo. Either way, I would have been happy to use another credit card or send in cash to guarantee that TWPD wouldn't be out any money from my possibly-but-definitely-not fraudulent transaction.

Instead, what did they do? Cancelled it without warning, and never replied to my e-mails. Trade With Pizza Driver turned me from an eager customer into a disgruntled ex-customer.

One thing - I'm glad this happened sooner rather than later. Would you want to do business with a vendor that cancels your subscription without warning or recourse?

author: Andrew Ittner
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