Hall of Shame 


Review posted: 2002-05-19

Bought my broadband router from them. They have consistently delivered solid firmware upgrades with new features, have very good on-line technical support, and quality products at good prices.

Update: 2006-01-21

Unfortuneately, that router I bought had several problems, the greatest of which was that it would reboot whenever I sent a print job to it. Useless. I also bought a PCMCIA wifi card from them, which didn't like non-SMC routers and was a complete pain to keep running. My favorite flaw was when it refused to connect to an access point that was not broadcasting its ID (an access point that had been running for weeks and was already setup in the software).

I switched to another router and recently junked the PCMCIA card. Much better.

author: Andrew Ittner
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