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Review posted: 2002-06-19

Location: 5440 West Sample Rd - Margate, FL 33073
Email: rhodas@rhodas.com
Toll-free: (888) 4-Rhodas
Fax: (954) 984-0078

The only company to ever give negative feedback to me on eBay.

I had bought a small model car for my father, but what they sent was significantly different from what I had bid for. I returned it for a refund including a credit for the shipping, per their customer service. After a month, they had not posted a credit to my credit card. Once I contacted them, they immediately posted it, but failed to include the shipping credit.

I posted negative feedback on their eBay account, they posted negative feedback to mine, and were not original about it. The text they used was a boilerplate phrase they posted for anyone who posted negative feedback to them.

I have been contacted by another person who has had problems getting a refund from them.

Update: Rhoda's appears to be out of business. Good riddance!

author: Andrew Ittner
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