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Puget Sound Energy

Review posted: 2006-05-31

After moving to a new apartment, I received the final bill for the old apartment from PSE. My last 3 days in the unit were the start of a new billing cycle, so PSE saw fit to charge me their normal $5.75 "customer charge" in full instead of pro-rating it or waving it entirely.

I thought that was excessive (3 customer charges in one month - the previous month and current month in the old apartment, the current month in the new apartment, since my tenancy overlapped by a week), and requested a reduction or refund.

Waited a month, received my next bill, no credit. No contact from PSE.

And guess what else came in the bill? A notice of rate increase request, including a plan to increase the customer charge by a dollar per month.

Puget Sound Energy. Just begging for some real competition.

author: Andrew Ittner
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