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Review posted: 2004-01-10

Location: Internet

Web hosting service.

I thought these guys were going to be good, considering they widely advertised using PostNuke, an open-source content management system, and also used Python (which I wanted to program).


I originally hosted RhymingPanda.com and JCIExplorations.com with them. They switched billing systems after a few months, which required me to create a new account for JCI, because the system couldn't handle one user having more than one domain (sloppy on their part).

Forcing me to have two accounts (both billed monthly), they proceeded to bill me three times a month. Over a three-month period, they billed my original account for RP & JCI, and the new account for JCI. I didn't catch it for so long because the payments were coming from two different credit cards.

I moved my domains to Zettai.net, and cancelled my RP account. Because of their confusing account crap, I forgot to cancel JCI.

And here's why they're now in the Hall of Shame.

After entering a billing support ticket with "Please cancel my account", the support system popped up a FAQ page and did not accept my ticket. Following their directions, I now have to re-enter the ticket but put the last five digits of my credit card in there. OK, easy to do. Put the last five in the subject, "Please cancel my account" in the message.

Bounced again, same reason. So the only way to get Hostnuke's system to accept my billing support ticket is to make the subject "01234" and the message "01234" and hope these idiots understand that I want to cancel my account.

I will contact my credit card company shortly to disallow further charges from Hostnuke.

Hostnuke is not worth it.

author: Andrew Ittner
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