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Location: Bellevue, WA, USA

In December 1998 I purchased a system from Computer Stop. After their technical support department could not fix the consistent crashing problem, I asked for a replacement computer. They refused, and asked to look it over again - and again, could not fix it.

I complained to the BBB, which tried and failed to negotiate a reasonable resolution (Computer Stop wanted me to bring it in A THIRD TIME). I then filed suit in the Bellevue Division Small Claims Court of King County District Court (WA). I won the case (Y4229, February 28, 2000) and demanded payment. Computer Stop responded with a letter saying that I must return the computer first (as the small claims court judge had instructed) before they would pay me. In the same letter, Computer Stop banned me from their property, which meant that if I wanted to watch them as they verified all the components were still in the computer, I would have to pay their technicians to come to a neutral location. I opted instead to have a coworker drop it off, and he watched the technicians (apparently four different Computer Stop employees were involved) verify that the machine had all the components.

Computer Stop did not send the judgment as the letter indicated they would, so I initiated garnishment proceedings. In July 2000 I received the full amount of the judgment against Computer Stop, as well as the additional fees for collecting the judgment.

I will never buy from Computer Stop again, and since my entire company knows about this situation, they have lost several dozen potential customers.

Additional URL: http://www.compstop.com/

author: Andrew Ittner
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