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Location: 772 Industry Drive
Seattle, WA, 98188-3408

My wife and I took several beginner classes from them. One of the student instructors was very good, but the other didn't care about our health and safety at all. My wife received a strained neck because a student didn't understand the "safe word" concept, and I smacked my head on the concrete floor attempting a roll.

When we informed the owner that we were dissatisfied with our experience and were stopping our lessons, he became extremely angry and very insistent that neither he nor his student teachers had done anything wrong. I was moments away from calling the police to make sure my wife and I would be able to leave the building safely, but he did calm down long enough to cancel our EFT and refuse to reimburse us for our uniform purchase (he had made a verbal guarantee that he would buy them back).

The owner and some of his students are not trustworthy, with martial arts and their own word.

author: Andrew Ittner
© 2021
Last modified 2021-08-09