This script takes a cam-format picture file and converts it to a JPEG, properly setting the dimensions. Cam files were output by some of Casio's QV series digital cameras such as the QV-10.

It relies on, a script that may be part of a QV utilities package provided by one "Mr. itojun", listed here. As luck would have it, I do not remember if the script was from that package or another one on the page, and the ftp server is presently down (note: I had to connect using a command-line ftp program instead of the ftp:// protocol).

The script is the embodiment of simple instructions from qvplay and the Casio QV-10 Camera.


You will need only the last two.


  • Perl
  • Put the two scripts in the same directory


Run convertcamtojpeg /full/path/to/files/*.cam. The script will overwrite any existing jpegs of the same name; the output is originalcamfilename.jpg.

To contact: e-mail projects+convertcamtojpeg at

author: Andrew Ittner
© 2007
Last modified 2012-08-30